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In October 2021, the Israeli hosting provider CyberServe was breached and ransomed before having a substantial amount of their customer data leaked publicly by a group known as "Black Shadow". Amongst the data was the LGBTQ dating site Atraf and the Machon Mor medical institute. Due to multiple different sites being compromised, the impacted data is broad and ranges from relationship information to medical data to email addresses and passwords stored in plain text. The data was made available to HIBP with support from May Brooks-Kempler, founder of the Think Safe Cyber community in Israel.

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  • Breach Count: 1,107,034
  • Breach Date: Oct. 29, 2021
  • Added: Nov. 4, 2021
  • Verified: True
  • Fabricated: False
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  • Source: HaveIBeenPwned